Friday, January 31, 2020

Lying Essay Example for Free

Lying Essay Despite the fact that lying is harmful in various ways, at some point in each of our lives we have lied, some may be more than other but we all tell a little lie once in a while. In the article Lying Tim Mazur talks about the possible consequences that one can for lying and also mention various reason what may cause some to lie. Tim Mazur believes people lie to maintain relationships, please others, avoid awardness and punishment. From my perspective I believe there are circumstances where lying can be acceptable under the following circumstances: to maintain peace, in order to gain something beneficial that can become life-changing , to protect the wealth of others, and to please others. (implicate how lying can affect others and possible consequences one can face in the begging) One circumstance under which it is acceptable for someone to tell a lie is a situation in which something beneficial that can become life-changing by virtue of the lie. An opportunity that is life-changing can improve the course of ones day-day existence drastically. And that being said, if ones day to day existence can be improved drastically, then a lie (especially a small one) is well-worth it. For example, the possibility to gain a career through lying could be well-worth it, because it can shape the course of ones present future. If for instance the applicant knows she or he is fully capable of performing a task but has no experience performing it, and the job requires experience or skills that field. She or he might lie about their skills/experience in order to have a better chance at obtaining the job . She or he could then quickly learn the required skills. The confidence that the applicant can bring his or skills up to par has earned she or he a job, and she or he has not hurt either herself or the company at that has now hired him or her. Another circumstance in which it is acceptable for one to tell is when its to please others. Pleasing others is when one says or does something good, to keep that person pleased. For example in todays society almost all parents tell their children that Santa clause is realistic or telling them that the tooth fairy left a dollar under their pillow because they lost their tooth. The parents are doing their kids a favor by telling them a lie that both Santa clause, and, the tooth fairy are real by not ruining there childhood. The parents lie to their kids so their children can some sort of imagination. (explain how it isnt hurting the kids and how everyone benefits etc)

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