Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Executive summary CSR implies that the company needs to take into account, in the impact of its activities , all of its stakeholders , both internal ( employees , trade unions) , or external (NGOs, local communities , customers, suppliers , organizations non-financial and Shareholders notation). Corporate Social Responsibility is based on a corpus of standards and international standards that involve commitments from businesses, and on which they are accountable . It covers all sectors, but to different degrees . Among the main sectors, retail are concerned because of their environmental, social and societal impact. Amazon company is therefore part of its firms to get involved and grow in terms of social responsibility of the company. With a vast distribution network, it was able to penetrate the market of e –commerce and have a competitive advantage through its supply chain. However, despite this success, there may be some gaps and limitations in terms of integration of CSR within the company. Content Introduction 4 I- Amazon Supply chain as part of its strategic management 4 Improvement of shopping methods 4 The coexistence of a variety of business models. 5 A thorough knowledge of customer demand 5 II- Introduction to Corporate social Responsibility 6 Definition 6 Communication 6 Implementation 6 Measurement 7 III- Critique of Amazon’s performance with regard to CSR 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction World number one in its market in just 15 years, Amazon is the global leader in electronic commerce. Initially small bookstore in the new economy, the site is now a general distributor for food, clothing, electronic products, automotive equipment and others. Also offering many professionals services such as logistics... ... that it could improve customer service in the past through its supply chain. The e-commerce retailer can use its experience in innovation networks of suppliers and customer satisfaction to better manage issues of sustainable development. Now, Amazon is facing competitors who were able to tackle the project of sustainability in their supply chain and acting really in term of CSR. Amazon can take advantage of this opportunity to develop the CSR in order to satisfy customers and shareholders using this project as an added value. By Integrating sustainable development strategies of the supply chain, such as establishing a code of conduct for suppliers, waste reduction, reassess labor policy and human rights , optimizing shipping method and saving energy , Amazon may become a more sustainable company and achieved more goals in term of corporate social responsibility.

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