Saturday, December 21, 2019

The CCR and CCD Contain Some of the Same Standard Rules Essay

One of the demands in healthcare today is to have the ability to allow healthcare organizations to exchange patient health related information with other healthcare organizations. This was made possible by the creation of the electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR) and personal health record (PHR). The EHR, PHR and the EMR allowed for patient’s paper medical charts into transformed into electronic charts. This allowed for a better way to organize the information that was contained the paper medical chart. The health organization began to realize they could use these electronic charts for a better way to care and share patient health related information. However, as the transmission of data continued, the need†¦show more content†¦This allows for the transmission of information to happen either electronically or paper based. Therefore patients can either carry their information manually to the receiving physician, especially for the receivi ng physicians that do not have the current or compatible technology to transfer documents accurately (Health, 2009). With the current technologies, most documents are transferred electronically. In order for this to happen, a structure electronic format must be created. Therefore, CCR is a XML based standard that is used for the exchange of clinical data (Health, 2009). The CCR format must adhere to a strict XML schema and accompanied by implementation guide required to support the standards compliant interoperability (E31.25, 2012). The XML scheme creates flexibility for the transmission and view of the CCR in many ways, such as in a web browser, Health Level 7(HL7) messaging, secured emails, PDF files, HTML files and word documents. This XML schema also makes it possible for the interchange of data with electronic healthcare records (EHR) with CCR data (E31.25, 2012). However, one problem the CCR faces is that it cannot send free text and is not acceptable by all system (Health, 2009). Therefore, the CCR opened doors for the creations of Continuity of CARE Document (CCD). Another organization that creates standards for the creation of healthcare systems is Health Seven 7 (HL7)

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